Swimming Pool Tile Clean up

Sand Blast or Glass bead blast

Your weekly pool service has a lot to do with the amount of calcium that builds up on your pool tile, this is because high levels of ph in your water will cause the water to leave more residue over your tile and plaster, also low levels of ph will be too acid and will eat up your pool plaster and cause irritation on your eyes and skin, low ph levels can also ruin your pool water heater. Remember!, having a pool is not expensive but not taking care of your pool the right way may end up costing you a lot.

Pool Tile cleaning is done by glass bead blasting or sand blasting the calcium off the tile. Over the years your pool tile will build up calcium deposits, making the pool tile look old and ugly, and if you just let the white deposit build up you might eventually lose your tile. A properly done bead blast, with the right finish should keep your pool tile looking good for about 6 to 10 years, this also depends on the quality of your water chemistry. Our professional pool tile clean up will leave your pool tile looking like new, and if you keep us as your regular pool service provider, we will ensure the quality of your chemical service to minimize calcium build up over your clean pool tile.

Time to drain that Swamp

If your pool is green, we can acid wash it and bring it back to life. No job is too big or too small for Pool Guys of Las Vegas.

Send us a Picture

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Clean your tile, Keep your water!

The most convenient way to clean your tile is when your pool is empty, but we can also clean your pool tile and save your pool water