How does your swimming pool Work?

Pool Water Circulation

Circulation, filtration and chemical balance are the three main components to keep your pool water clear, the daily goal is to circulate as many water gallons through your filter as your pool contains, this will dictate how many hours you need to run your pool motor, usually goes between 8 to 10 hours a day, depending on the size of your pool filter. There are diferent brands for pool pumps, we work with all of them, they vary on horsepower depending on the pool size and other facts, such as the distance from the pool to the system and the capacity of your pool filter. We can help with any pump related problem, such as air leaks, non-priming pumps, water leaks and more. Most of the new pool pumps are energy efficient, these offer different options, such as multiple speeds that will allow you to circulate your pool water for longer periods of time, while consuming less energy that an older pump will.

Pool Water Filtration

The water capacity of your pool filters will help to determine how many hours your pool needs to run daily, when your filters are dirty the will move less water per minute, the most common filters, are single cartridge, and four cartridge filters, there are also DE Filters, and Sand filters, these last two are mostly seen on older or big capacity commercial swimming pools.

Pool Filter Maintenance

The maintenance of your filters is crusial for your water quality, if your pool filters are dirty or in bad shape, then your water will reflect this. Just like the oil filter in your car, or the air conditioning filters in your house, the pool filters also need maintenance. Depending on the size and type of filtration your swimming pool has, the filter cleaning might have to be done monthly, or every three months or even once a year, it all depends on the size and kind of filtration your swimming pool has. We can help you determine this during our free estimate, contact us today.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are many brands of pool automatic cleaners, from suction to propultion or even electronic pool cleaners, these all help cleaning the walls and floor of your pool, however they do not replace a complete pool maintenance.

There al also POP-UP cleaning systems that work with pipes on the bottom and stairs of your pool and using water circulation help the pool keep clean, these systems need maintenance also for their proper functioning, We can also help with your pop-up system..

Equipment replacement

Either if you are renovating your swimming pool system, or replacing a broken piece of equipment, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you. Contact us today.

Pool Surface Material

The most common materials used for pool building are, regular POOL PLASTER, this can be found in dirrerent colors, and its the most standard material used for pool surfaces, some pools are also made of FIBERGLASS, these having a lower initial cost option, there are also PEBBLETEC pools, pebbletec is the most expensive and most durable pool surface material found in residential pools surfaces. Each one of these materials requires a diferent kind of washing when drained.