Pool and Spa Acid Wash

Draining and replacing your pool water is necesary to preserve the life of your pool plaster; for example, for plaster pools, an acid wash it's necessary every 2 to 4 years depending on the quality of the chemical service that you have kept over this period of time. Note: Fiberglass pools need to be chlorine wash instead of acid wash, but they follow the same procedure.

Keep in mind that if your pool gets serviced every week of the year, that is a total of 52 weeks, that means 52 times a year your pool will get new chemicals to keep the proper pool water chemistry. A good pool service provider will test your pool water every week for PH and Chorine balance, will also test at least once a month for water alkalinity, and once every six months for cyanuric acid levels, this toguether will ensure the quality an longetivity of your pool water.

An Acid wash will remove all the calcium from your plaster walls to help you save money in the long run.
The pool replaster is the most expensive maintenance job you will have to do to your pool, and is supposed to last in good condition for at least 10+ years, but this depends on the quality of the pool service that you give your pool, and the professionalism of every acid wash that gets done over the ten years.

When the cyanuric acid levels are above 110ppm and higher, your chlorine takes longer to sanitize your pool water, making it easy for algae to reproduce and harder to get rid of, eventually after 3 years you will be swiming mostly in neutralized chlorine and muriatic acid, this is unhealthy for you and your pool plaster.

We also test for TDS (Total disolved solids), old water can also manifest by leaving calcium deposits on your tile, incleasing water hardnes and costing you more money by staining your pool tile and your plaster, eventually calcifing your pool pump's inside components, not to mention damage to your pool heater and a minimizing the life of your pool filters.

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