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Briefing from the owner:

"Hello and thank you for visiting my page, my name is Leandro T. I am the owner and main operator of Pool Guys of Las Vegas, I have been in the swiming pool bussiness from 2009 (As a Certified Pool Operator), and a professional pool swimmer for my entire teenage life. As a pool owner I enjoy the funfilled enviroment that revolves around our swiming pool, and I also love the bond that comes from swiming and playing in the pool with our families and friends; either if you use your pool once a week, or it's a every day routine for you and your loved ones. For us "Pool Guys of Las Vegas" it is a priviledge to carrie the responsability of keeping your swimming pool beatutifull and safe, for you and your family, and for that I personally thank you."

One Experienced and Reliable CPO

Over the years, we had the chance to work and maintain commercial and residential swiming pools, and I can proudly say that it has been a pleassure for both, us and our swiming pool customes, with this said we will happily share exelent work references, upon your request.

Don't hesitate to ask for our references, let customers like you, tell you what is like to count with a professional to take care of their swiming pool maintainance. 

Pool Water Chemistry

During our weekly pool service visit, we test and adjust your pool water chemistry,to make sure that we have the ideal levels of Chlorine, PH and Alkalinity, these three are crusial to obtain water clarity and sanitanitaion, keeping your water safe, and minimizing calcium residues on your pool tile and plaster. We also test for TDS (Total Disolved Solids) and cyanuric acid levels in your pool water, these two will help us determine when your pool water needs to be replaced. Usually, residential pools need to be drained every 3 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the pool service throughout these years.

We do more than just Pool Cleaning.

Our experience covers much more than just cleaning your swimming pool and balancing your water chemicals to be as safe as possible; We also offer a big variety of services to preserve the life and overall value of your swiming pool and equipment.

Our Services include, chemical service, pool draining, acid washing, chlorine washing, tile bead blasting, any above-ground pvc pipe replacement, system replacement and instalation, salt water syster maintainance and much more.

New Swimming Pool Owner?

If you just bought a house with a pool, you might have a lot of questions, and you might even hear a lot of negative things about having a pool in you back yard. Ask the questions to the right person, let a professional guide you to what is like having a swiming pool, and consider your self lucky; because in the middle of summer with temperatures as high as 120 degrees and more, you are blessed for having that piece of paradise ready for you enjoyment; that is only, if you have a swiming pool professional in charge of keeping your water clean, safe and ready to use.

I offer a free orientation to all of my customers who are interested on learning how to use their pool equiment and maintaining their swiming pool safe. Call or text today for a free orientation.

Our Referral Program

Our focus is set on keeping you happy, because word of mouth is our number one marketing technique, our work is our presentation letter, and we want you to feel very confortable recomending our pool services to your friends and family. This not only help us grow, but it will also keep some extra dollars in your pocket.

Once you start loving our services, for every referral that we get from you and becomes part of our clientele, you will automatically receive a coupon for a full month of FREE pool service.

When you call the number below, you will be speaking directly with me, the owner. Please feel free to call or text anytime, and I will be happy to assist you 702.408.1670.

Pool Acid and Chlorine Wash

Over the years, your pool walls get stained and calcium builds up on its surface, not to mention that your poolwater quality gets compromised, it is recommended for residential swimming pools to be drained and wash every three to five years.

Tile Cleaning

Brushing your swimming pool tile in every visit is one of the basic steps of our excelent pool service, however as water gets older and heavier it leaves a calsium residue over your pool tile, this build up is removed with our tile bead blasting, our pool tile bead blasting will return that new look to your pool tile.

System Mainteinance

Lack of chemicals or circulation are the two main causes for a swimming pool to turn cloudy or green, it is important that your swimming pool circulates for at least eight hours a day during the summer time, 10am to 6pm (the hottest hours of the day) is the recomended time for the pool to run during the summer time. To prevent any frozen pipes during the winter time the recomended hours of circulation are 12am to 4am, (the coldest hours at night.)

Do you need help washing your pool filter? Either if you need orientation for a fisrt time filter wash, or you need to program scheduled filter washing, we can help, we will wash any filter on demand, just let us know when you are ready and we will set a date for you, we will even teach you step by step how it's done. Call or text today.